Homeowner Association Community Management

Elite Management Services offers property managers their full commitment in assisting the day to day operations of a community. We want our clients to be successful managers and we offer the highest level of care and support. This commitment is seen throughout our company including our team-based approach to property management. We offer a variety of value added services to our clients that tailor to specific needs of the communities. We believe that the best way to manage a thriving community is through teamwork and dedication.

We provide full-service management to the following:

  • Master Planned Communities with Sub-Associations
  • On-Site Management Communities
  • Commercial Associations
  • Single Family Communities
  • Condominium Communities
  • Townhome or PUD Communities
  • Adult Active Communities
  • Golf & Club Communities
  • Luxury High-Rise Communities
  • Mixed-Use Developments
  • Landominiums

Elite Management Services Community Management

Taking a Team-Based Approach to HOA Community Management

Every community we manage is assigned a team of professionals to help the properties run effectively. A Senior Certified Community Manager will assist as a management partner. This professional can help with several operational aspects such as review management reports, action lists, and can even help with board meetings. Our Senior Managers engage with communities and their property managers adding a personal touch to this experience.


The communities that we manage are also assigned maintenance coordinators. We believe maintenance is an important aspect of a community. These professionals monitor properties, address potential problems, and issue work orders for what they see needs tending. They work with your community alongside the Senior Manager for an efficient way to maintain the properties.

Another part of the team is the Community Support staff. The Community Support staff perform administrative duties, see to architectural applications, and keep communication with homeowners and vendors. Our Community Support Team offers assistance to homeowners including issuing keys and passes, parking programs, and will answer calls or emails for concerns.

Elite Management Services sticks to the team-based method of community management because it is the most efficient way to manage properties. We keep constant communication with all of our clients. Communication is important in a team effort so we want you to communicate any questions or concerns to us. To contact us click here or call 855-238-8488