Value Added Services

Board Meeting Preparation and Management

The Association’s community manager will prepare for, attend, and participate in all Board of Director Meetings and the Annual election meeting.

During the initial orientation, the community manager discusses changes in protocol and procedure with board members. In addition, managers can attend committee meetings and create minutes at the Board’s request. Prior to each board meeting, directors receive monthly reports, leaving more time for communication and addressing additional information needed to make quick decisions.

Annual Calendars

An annual calendar is kept for each of our communities, tracking yearly scheduled business requirements, maintenance schedules, and annual events. Board members are supplied with information and background supporting the need for action, which minimizes hasty decisions. This calendar is an invaluable tool to stay organized, tracking community events, preventive maintenance schedules, and decision timelines.

As such, we employ an after hours emergency service to assist during non-business hours. For more information regarding our website services, please contact us to provide additional information as needed.

Preferred Vendor Management

After many years in the association management business, Elite Management Services has built a network of carefully selected and proven vendors to perform work in the communities we manage. These vendors are licensed, bonded, and properly insured, but also comfortable with our response expectations and reporting standards for seamless communication and positive results. Our Vendor Coordinator continually monitors licensing and insurance, securing proof of both for reference.

Should the Board of Directors request, we secure proposals from qualified vendors using a detailed scope of work. We review the proposals for discrepancies, requesting proposals from additional vendors if necessary, and then submit them to the Board for final decision. Board members are kept informed as to vendor performance through scheduled property inspections and work order reporting.

Emergency After Hours Service

At Elite, each community manager is available 24/7 to address emergency concerns after hours. We understand the assigned manager is by far the best person to assist as they are most familiar with the association, which is often lost  in the more commonly used on-call rotation model. As such we employ an after hours emergency service to assist during non-business hours.

Should a homeowner call us when the office is closed, contact information for the emergency service is provided. This service has notes on all of the association’s preferred vendors for all normal emergencies. The community manager is contacted to support homeowners in the event of a special emergency that needs additional attention. Should the community manager not be accessible, the service would contact the Senior Manager.


We are constantly focusing on working more efficiently while still assisting our clients, and as such seek technology to integrate with current processes. Because having reliable information is important to the communities who trust us, a primary concern is the integrity of our technology.

Community Websites

With 76% of American households owning a computer, having a well-maintained, professional website is more important than ever. Elite Management Services offers flexible website solutions, designed to fit the specific needs and requirements of each association. Our website flexibility allows each community to choose a unique face for their online presence. The Board of Directors can select what information to display, such as a community calendar, governing documents, and association guidelines.

For more information regarding our website services please contact us to provide additional information as needed.

Administrative Services

Elite Management Service’s departmentalized management team allows us to remain flexible in executing administrative services and aspects of management for all types of associations.

Our Community Support team works with community managers to perform tasks as directed by the Board of Directors. They direct, plan, coordinate, and provide administrate support for aspects of management such as parking control, covenant enforcement, event planning and so forth. This team also tracks and handles all information requests from homeowners, including emails and phone calls, and completes correspondence as directed by the Board and initiated by the manager. By streamlining administrative processes, our team is able to respond to requests more quickly and effectively.

Board members receive monthly reports prior to board meetings, leaving more time for communication and additional information during board meetings for efficient decision making.