What Is a Luxury High Rise Community?

Community associations come in all shapes and sizes — and one of those shapes is a luxury high rise community. Simply put, this type of community typically comes with upscale amenities like rooftop infinity-edge pools, luxury fitness centers, entertainment rooms, and the like. It is also usually close to high-end restaurants where residents can enjoy high-quality meals. Additionally, because of its tall structure, it comes with stunning views.

Due to its features, living in a luxury high rise community is normally expensive. Such a community requires constant maintenance to preserve its luxury status. As a result, residents of these communities commonly pay higher regular assessments compared to other types of associations.

The Importance of Condo Community Management

In a luxury high rise community, it is important to maintain a certain degree of standard. Residents expect top-notch amenities, sparkling clean surroundings, and only the best services available to them. For the association’s board of directors, that means working twice as hard. No duty must be left unfulfilled.

To maintain them properly, luxury high rise communities require external help — even more so than other types of associations. Professional management can ensure all tasks are completed on time and perfectly. There is no room for small errors. After all, luxury high rise residents have invested a lot of money to live here. They deserve only the best.

The Best Luxury High-Rise Community Management

High-rise buildings require a certain type of skill and knowledge to be managed properly. At Elite Management Services, we provide innovative full-service HOA management to luxury high-rise buildings in Ohio. We are able to do this through the highest level of operational skills, knowledge of the specific building types, and niche experience in supporting the goals of your community.

Our Ohio high-rise HOA management services include the following premium offerings:

  • Regular property inspections to ensure compliance
  • Supervision of all personnel on-site
  • Enforcement of rules and regulations, CC&Rs, and guidelines for architectural design
  • Common area management and upkeep
  • Management of vendors and contractors
  • Preparation of bid details
  • Supervision of claims processing and processes for obtaining insurance
  • Scheduling and organization of repair and maintenance visits
  • Comprehensive accounting services, banking, reserve planning, and financial services
  • Handling of resident requests and concerns
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance services
  • Customer service and technology solutions
  • Legal assistance

Our top-notch maintenance programs are specifically designed for increasing the cost efficiency, longevity, and overall effectiveness of equipment and systems in each luxury building we manage. Each program has the needs of every board member, resident, and homeowner at the forefront.

We understand what it takes to handle the expectations and needs of residents living in high-rise communities, and we are dedicated to delivering a lifestyle experience that goes above and beyond. Our customer-oriented support team brings the highest attention to dynamic offerings with gracious hospitality and flexible services. We will produce management solutions that fit the unique expectations of each owner while focusing on the ultimate lifestyle and vision desired by the community.

Contact us today at (855) 238-8488 for more information about how Elite Management Services can assist your luxury high-rise association with its needs.

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