Legal Assistance

Elite Management Services has a pool of law firms we have established and maintained relationships with over the years and are happy to provide recommendations to our associations when legal assistance and representation are needed. However, we do encourage all new communities to retain the services of their current law firm if the Board of Directors is happy with their work.

Legal firms can assist community associations with the following:

Delinquent Assessment Collections – Attorneys can provide assistance in collecting delinquent assessments.

Fair Housing Compliance Review –Occasionally, laws change without being addressed by homeowners associations, leaving communities with rules and regulations that are not in compliance with fair housing guidelines. An attorney can provide a review for fair housing compliance to help avoid lawsuits by protected classes.

HOA Document Analysis – We analyze each association’s governing documents for compliance with federal and state regulations and laws, providing recommendations for amendments if needed.

Board of Directors Guidance – On HOA issues such as disputes and covenant enforcement, we provide legal guidance, effective representation, and analysis to the Board of Directors.