On-Site Management for HOA Communities

Elite Management Services provides comprehensive, hands-on community assistance to HOAs in need. As an on-site management company, we work with board members and homeowners to ensure that their association runs smoothly and efficiently. Communities can rest easy as our on-site managers will dedicate their full, undivided attention to your specific needs.

An Overview of Our On-Site Management Services

Elite Management Services offers a wide range of association management services to communities of all types and sizes. Here is an overview of the on-site management services you can expect when working with us:

Administrative Services

With an on-site manager, you no longer have to deal with long response times and backed up service requests. Communities can also expect a high quality of service as our on-site managers are specifically trained to handle your day-to-day operations. Elite Management Services has a variety of administrative services including:

  • Assessment Collections
  • Database and Records Maintenance
  • Homeowner Communications
  • Vendor Management and Contract Negotiations
  • Common Area Scheduling and Reservations
  • Architectural Applications Review
  • Personalized Website Solutions
  • HR and IT Support
  • Community Events Planning
  • Emergency After Hours Service

HOA Board Support

Most of the time, HOA boards are comprised of volunteers who are not familiar with the intricacies of community management. Elite’s on-site managers will make sure that your board members receive the support that they need. Elite will also guide board members so that they can confidently make the best decisions for their community. You can expect support on the following:

  • New Board Member Education
  • Board Meeting Agenda Preparation
  • Board Meeting Scheduling and Facilitation
  • Annual Board Meeting Elections
  • Board Meeting Minutes
  • HOA Strategic Planning
  • HOA Policy Creation and Procedure Review

Financial Management Services

Elite Management offers a diverse package of financial management services for on-site HOA management — including accounting, budgeting, and financial guidance. Our on-site managers will work with the board to make the best financial decisions for your community. Our financial management services include:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable Management
  • Budget Analysis and Preparation
  • Invoicing and Payroll
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Capital and Reserve Planning
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Vacancy Analysis Reports

Property Management

Having an orderly and well-maintained community is one of the main benefits of having an on-site manager. Elite Management knows the importance of keeping property values high so our on-site managers will make sure that common areas are regularly maintained and all homeowners are following HOA rules and regulations. Here is an overview of our property management services.

  • Preventive Maintenance of Amenities
  • Landscaping and Turf Care Analysis
  • HOA Rule Enforcement and Violations Notifications
  • Routine Inspection of Common Areas
  • Scheduled Maintenance and Service Requests
  • Contractor Supervision and Oversight
  • 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Services 

Legal Assistance

Our on-site managers are adept at handling the legal requirements of HOA communities. Elite Management also has an extensive network of HOA attorneys and law firms so you will receive expert legal assistance when it comes to:

  • HOA Delinquent Assessment Collections
  • HOA Dispute Resolution
  • Governing Documents Analysis
  • Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Fair Housing Compliance Review
  • Legal Representation for HOA Board

Want the Best On-Site HOA Management for Your Community?

If you want reliable on-site HOA management, Elite Management Group is the best way to go. We understand the intricacies of on-site management and this allows us to provide an unprecedented level of service to the communities that we serve. Our comprehensive services are designed to meet your association’s goals and keep property values high. Rest assured, you can count on our professional and personable on-site managers to address whatever concerns you might have.

If you want to learn more about our on-site HOA management services, feel free to contact us today!

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