Communities Requiring On-Site Management

For those associations requiring on-site management needs, Elite Management Services can provide specific, hands-on community assistance. With your success as the ultimate goal, we can work with your board on every aspect of the on-site management business.

Our managers understand that the process of on-site management takes on a different feel than other management styles. We can provide the best benefits associated with on-site property managers, such as more personal relationships with those in the community and faster response times to questions, concerns, and reported issues. Your current and prospective residents alike will feel more satisfied with their community knowing someone is readily available each day for their property needs.

Budgeting Services

Elite Management offers a diverse package of accounting services for on-site management, including annual budget creation and guidance. We will work with your board and view past activity to produce an accurate, success-driven budget based on past experiences and successes of both your association and others that Elite has managed. We are careful to consider each need of your community and obtain approval from your directors before making big decisions.

Management Services

Every one of our on-site HOA managers are specifically trained for working with associations requiring a diversity of needs. Managers will be present to show vacant units to future residents while also servicing your current residents as needed. No risk of long response times or backed up service requests due to lack of manager presence on the property! We will be there to handle maintenance calls, resident inquiries or concerns, and daily communication and guidance for the board of directors.

On-site Accounting Services

We can also handle the accounting for your association, including monthly reports. We’ll be able to closely monitor any association changes and help in making the best financial decisions for your community. Our accounting-related services include:

  • Year-to-date operating expenses
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Budget analysis (monthly and/or yearly)
  • Accounts receivable reports
  • Vacancy analysis over time

Elite Management Group is a great choice for those looking for more hands-on management styles. Contact us today for more information!

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