Property Maintenance

Lexington HOA Maintanence

Elite Management Services offer homeowners and property managers a maintenance and field support staff to inspect properties regularly. This ensures that all properties are running smoothly and keeping up to code. Our Maintenance Staff gives property managers personal attention when inspecting the community; they schedule landscape walks with community members including the Homeowners Association board.

Our staff handles any communication that property managers have regarding maintenance issues. We will answer any questions and concerns to help improve the communities that we represent. Our top priority is to keep all properties in the best condition to maintain an efficient and beautiful community.

Violation Coordination for Homeowner Associations

The Elite Management Services team takes property violations seriously. We want all property owners to be safe and happy; an important part of that is following the rules and regulations of the community. If a property owner commits a violation, he\she will have to follow the guidelines set to avoid further action. The rules and regulations are implemented for the benefit of all our clients and the communities that are represented. Here are some resources that may can help with property violations.

We want to maintain a great relationship with our communities and one of the best ways for us to continue this is through communication. Our staff will assist you regarding any maintenance or violation inquiries you may have. Call or email our offices located throughout the Midwest including Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Louisville, Lexington, Cleveland and Indianapolis, with any questions or concerns; our number is 855-238-8488 or click here.