Homeowners association board member education is crucial to the success of a community. As leaders of their community, board members must have a solid understanding of community association management. Elite Management Services provides HOA board member education to create competent and effective community leaders. 

An Overview of HOA Board Member Education

Elite Management Services offers quarterly training sessions for HOA board education. Our training sessions will increase board members’ knowledge base so that they can make vital, informed decisions for the betterment of the community. 

A senior property manager will be assigned to your community to conduct HOA property management education. We also invite professionals from other fields, including attorneys and CPAs, to help lead the training sessions.

Our HOA board member training program covers the following areas: 

  • The Basics of Homeowners Associations

Newly-elected board members must know the ins and outs of homeowners associations. This module will focus on the basics including articles of incorporation, covenants, conditions, & restrictions (CC&Rs), bylaws, HOA rules and regulations, and other governing documents

The module will also discuss essential HOA topics such as rule enforcement and violation letters, landscaping, contract bid management, maintenance scheduling, architectural request processing, and communications. 

  • Responsibilities of an HOA Management Company

In this module, Elite Management Services will explain the scope of responsibilities of HOA management companies. Even though a manager provides essential support, board members must understand that they are ultimately responsible for their community. 

  • HOA Board Responsibilities and Obligations

Board members will be educated on their obligations to their community. The module will also explain board members’ roles and prepare them for the specific responsibilities that they need to carry out. For instance, board presidents must also know how to preside over meetings, secretaries must know how to take down minutes, and treasurers must have financial skills.

  • Trustee Responsibility and the Business Judgment Rule

Our HOA board member education sessions will discuss board members’ legal responsibilities as trustees of their community. Specifically, their fiduciary duties to the association. 

Board members must also familiarize themselves with the business judgment rule. This doctrine can protect them from personal liability as long as their actions as board members were done in the best interest of the community. 

  • Financial Management for Homeowners Associations

Financial management is one of the most complex aspects of community association management. EMS board member education will tackle accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting, collections, invoicing, reserves, insurance, tax returns, vendor contracts, audits, financial reports, and so on. We will also train board members so that they will be able to make sound financial decisions for their community. 

  • Property Legislation Basics and Updates 

HOA board members must be up-to-date on property legislation on all levels — federal, state, and local. Homeowners associations are legal entities and board members should ensure that their community is always compliant on community association laws.

The Critical Importance of HOA Board Member Education 

Good association governance is only possible if you have board members who are knowledgeable about community association management. With proper HOA board member education, you can turn volunteer homeowners into competent leaders who are able to create an efficient and well-functioning homeowners association. 

If you want to know more about our HOA board member education training sessions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Elite Management Services today! Call us at 855-238-8488 or contact us online.