ohio hoa laws

Know Your Ohio HOA Laws

Like many other states, Ohio has certain statutes governing communities like homeowners and condominium associations. Get to know your Ohio HOA laws below.   In this article: The Importance of Knowing Ohio HOA LawsFor Planned CommunitiesFor CondominiumsFor Nonprofit CorporationsOhio Fair Housing LawsFair Debt Collection Practices in the State of OhioSpecific Ohio HOA LawsFederal Laws to…

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homeowners association

Are You A Part Of A Homeowners Association? Read This!

Before buying a house that belongs in a homeowners association, it is imperative that you first familiarize yourself with how these associations work. After all, living in an HOA community is not for everyone.   In this article: What Is a Homeowners Association?Understanding Homeowners Association FeesWhat Are Homeowners Association Rules?The Responsibility of Obtaining InsuranceThe Pros and…

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homeowners association pet restrictions

What Homeowners Association Pet Restrictions Should Your Board Enforce?

Homeowners association pet restrictions are commonplace in any planned development. But, deciding what pet policies your community should have in place is a little trickier than it might initially seem.   In this article: Are Homeowners Association Pet Restrictions Legal?How Pet Restrictions Help the CommunityWhat to Consider for Your HOA Pet PolicyEnforcing HOA Pet RestrictionsCan…

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