Closed children's playground from Covid-19 | coronavirus and HOA

Coronavirus And HOAs: What Board Members Should Do At A Time Like This

As confirmed cases of the new coronavirus disease, COVID-19, continue to increase in the United States, HOA board members are now looking for ways to protect their communities. Although the pandemic has brought on a lot of fear and uncertainty, it’s crucial not to panic. Having a clear, well-thought-out strategy can help ease the anxiety…

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close up of vaping bearded man | HOA vaping rules

HOA Vaping Rules: Steps You Can Take to Prevent Vaping in Your Community 

Vaping has become a very popular alternative to harmful cigarettes. However, recent studies indicate that it is quite unsafe as well — as illustrated by severe injuries caused by vaping. Many associations want to implement HOA vaping rules to prevent vaping in HOA communities, but it may not be covered by local legislation or their…

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