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HOA Records Security: Ensuring Your Data Is Safe And Secure

Maintaining HOA records security is of prime importance to any homeowners association. Navigating the ins and outs of data protection, though, can be confusing. Learn how to safeguard sensitive information here.   How to Maintain HOA Records Security Homeowners associations deal with all sorts of information on a daily basis, some of which are confidential…

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Halloween COVID-19 Ideas: What You Can Do Instead Of Traditional Trick-Or-Treating

Though the coronavirus pandemic is still in full swing, that doesn’t mean that holiday festivities in your HOA should be canceled. It’s still possible to have a spooktacular Halloween during COVID-19 — as long as you make certain adjustments. Other than the traditional trick-or-treating, there are plenty of fun Halloween activities you can have in…

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What Are Capital Improvements? Should HOA Fund Them?

What is capital improvement? How is it different from maintenance and repairs? These are two very common questions asked by homeowners. To understand where part of your monthly association dues goes, here’s what you need to know about capital improvements.   In this article: What Are Capital Improvements?Capital Improvements vs Repair ExpensesShould HOA Fund Capital…

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