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Before we came to America, the Native Americans lived in the space Shepherdsville now occupies, for over fifteen-thousand years. This being the case, Shepherdsville is no random town, it’s filled with history and beauty.

In 1773, a man named Thomas Bullitt discovered an enormity of salt licks around the area. In time, this lead to many people coming here to set up salt works. A man named Adam Shepherd purchased nine-hundred acres of the land around the Salt River, which lead to the name of the town, Shepherdsville.

As the town grew in popularity, and as its economy began to grow and thrive, a mineral water spa known as “Paroquet Springs” was created, and people from all across the country came to Paroquet Springs due to the fact that the water was thought to have healing properties.

Throughout much of the twentieth-century, Shepherdsville was an agricultural area with a sustainable economy built on crops and salt. This changed in the fifties with the creation of the Kentucky Turnpike – now known as “Interstate 65” – which allowed people living in Louisville to live outside of the city, and vice versa. From that moment on, Shepherdsville experienced a period of rapid growth, that has since ended for the time being. As of 2010, there are nearly twelve-thousand people living in Shepherdsville.

If you plan on visiting Shepherdsville in the near future, here are some places you might like to check out:

Salt River

The Salt River is a river that is one-hundred and fifty-miles long. You can visit it in Shepherdsville, and experience the beauty of the river while gaining an understanding of its importance to not only Shepherdsville, but Kentucky as a whole.

Forest Edge Winery

When you think “winery”, the words “Shepherdsville, Kentucky” may not immediately come to mind, but Forest Edge is a beautiful winery that begins and ends with concepts of family and connection. Go there, and taste some wine and wander around the beautiful land that the winery is situated upon.

Shepherdsville is a simple place, but there are many fun things to do, and a rich history is awaiting you, if you choose to explore it.

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