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Jeffersontown is a suburb located within Louisville. Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky, and Jeffersontown is only a small part of that, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard or ignore it for any reason.

In the late 1700s, Jeffersontown was founded as a resting point for pioneers who would come from all around the country to see the Falls Of The Ohio. In time, farmers realized the sheer value of the land, and they began to cultivate crops. Back in these times, Jeffersontown was known as Brunerstown, because a man named Abraham Bruner bought one-hundred and twenty-two acres of the rich, Kentucky land. In May of 1797, Bruner successfully petitioned the courts to turn forty-acres of his land into a city known as “Jefferson”. In time, the name “Brunerstown” fell, and in its place “Jeffersontown” rose.

In 2010, the population was 26,595. This number has grown by very little since then, and Jeffersontown remains relatively small. However, that doesn’t mean it is lacking in any way.

As of now, there are over eight-hundred and fifty-businesses located in Jeffersontown. Papa John’s Pizza has its headquarters here, and there are many great local restaurants exclusive to the area, such as “Mussel & Burger Bar.”

If you’re visiting Jeffersontown – or plan to anytime soon – then we highly recommend you check out these places:

The Charlie Vettiner Park

There’s a nice golf course, a field for playing sports, a playground for the kids, and a dog run. Perfect for walking around and enjoying yourself!

The Jeffersontown Historical Museum

Believe it or not, Jeffersontown has a very interesting history! If you go to this museum, you’ll learn all about the intricate history of Jeffersontown, along with how that continues to affect Jeffersontown in this very moment!

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

At Sky Zone, there are all kinds of trampolines and gymnasium attractions! This is perfect for children of all ages, and you’ll probably have a lot of fun, too!

In the end, Jeffersontown has a rich history and a number of nice places to visit! It’s not as exciting as some of the other parts of Kentucky, but don’t disregard it.

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