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In 1792, a wealthy landowner named William Shannon met with the Shelby County Court and agreed to give the community fifty-acres, so that the town of Shelbyville could be created. It became the seat of Shelby County, and gradually grew in economic value and population due to the fact that the soil was so rich, allowing corn, hemp, tobacco, and wheat to be grown easily.

During the Civil War, Shelbyville suffered from the threat of Confederate soldiers, decreasing its economic value and devaluing much of its economy. However, after the war, it experienced a massive boom for two reasons. The land was found to be even more valuable than thought, and the Shelby Railroad Company built a railroad that connected the town to Anchorage. During this time, Downtown Shelbyville became a fancy place full of very ornate buildings.

Today, it’s economy is built primarily on agriculture, as well as local shops and restaurants. It’s estimated that the population is just under sixteen-thousand. While it isn’t the most exciting place, there are a number of fun things to do and see in this quaint little city!

If you plan on visiting anytime soon, here are some fun things to do and see:

Red Orchard Park

Red Orchard Park is a one-hundred and thirty-one-acre park that, until 2007, was a farm owned by Clarence Miller. Miller chose to donate it to Shelby County’s Parks Department, due to the fact that Shelbyville had been his home since 1925. Red Orchard is a beautiful park with all of the traditional amenities of a park, such as a playground and fields, but there is also horseback riding and a variety of hiking paths!

Shelbyville Horse Show

People from all across Kentucky come to Shelbyville to see the annual horse show. If you love horses, and you plan on going to Shelbyville, then find out when the next horse show is, and come on down!

Shelbyville is a simple place, but there is a lot of history and a lot of nature to be found. If you enjoy towns that are quiet and quaint, and home to large swathes of nature, then consider visiting Shelbyville.

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