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In 1792, a wealthy landowner named William Shannon met with the Shelby County Court and agreed to give the community 50 acres so that the town of Shelbyville could be created. It became the seat of Shelby County and gradually grew in economic value and population due to the fact that the soil was so rich, allowing corn, hemp, tobacco, and wheat to be grown easily.

During the Civil War, Shelbyville suffered from the threat of Confederate soldiers, decreasing its economic value and devaluing much of its economy. However, after the war, it experienced a massive boom for two reasons. The land was found to be even more valuable than thought, and the Shelby Railroad Company built a railroad that connected the town to Anchorage. During this time, Downtown Shelbyville became a fancy place full of very ornate buildings.

Today, its economy is built primarily on agriculture, as well as local shops and restaurants. It is estimated that the population is just over 16,000. While it is not the most exciting place, there are a number of fun things to do and see in this quaint little Kentucky city!

If you plan on visiting anytime soon, here are some fun things to do and see:

  • Red Orchard Park
  • Shelbyville Horse Show
  • Church of the Annunciation
  • Mose Dale Park
  • Martha Layne Collins High School

Community Association Management in Shelbyville, Kentucky

Despite its size, Shelbyville is no stranger to homeowners associations. In fact, the residents of this Kentucky city prefer to live within HOA communities because of the remarkable benefits they offer. For one thing, HOA residents enjoy a plethora of amenities, including pools, clubhouses, tennis courts, and even fitness centers. Moreover, the HOA provides its members with a wide range of services such as trash collection, landscaping, and security, which all add to the convenience of HOA living.

Yet, Shelbyville, Kentucky community association management remains a source of hesitation among residents. Managing a small team already poses challenges, so managing an entire community is all the more difficult. HOA residents rely on elected board members to keep the neighborhood in good shape and maintain property values. However, oftentimes, HOA board members lack the time and expertise needed to carry out their duties.

This is where Elite Management Services comes in. With professional help from Elite, your association can look forward to more effective and efficient management practices. We can take care of the day-to-day processes required to keep your community in operation. Meanwhile, your board can focus on what matters the most: making informed, big-picture decisions.

The Best Shelbyville, Kentucky HOA Management Company

Here at Elite Management Services, we believe the residents of Shelbyville deserve the best. This is why we have spent years perfecting our management solutions to help community associations in the area. Our Shelbyville, Kentucky HOA management services include legal assistance, board education, maintenance and violations, reserve planning, and value-added services. We also provide help with accounting and financial reporting, a common point of difficulty for many associations.

When you partner with Elite Management Services, you are assigned a team of highly capable experts all working to reach your community’s goals. A Senior Certified Community Manager will be there to help with a variety of tasks, as well as a community support staff checking off daily administrative work. We also have skilled maintenance coordinators who can spot problems and fix them before they snowball out of control.

Learn more about Elite Management Services and the best Shelbyville community association management today. Give us a call at (502) 242-5399 or email us at You can also request a proposal online, free of charge. Trust in Elite Management Services to take your association to the next level!

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