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The primary responsibility of a Homeowner’s Association is property management. Taking care of a community or neighborhood and ensuring that property values remain consistent with the area is especially important in a growing area. Lexington has one of the strongest and most steady economies in the nation. Coupled with the city’s industrial diversity, it has encouraged incredible growth over the past few years. HOAs are now more important than ever to maintain property values of both existing and new developments. But a community association is only as good as its management.

Elite Management Services has worked with communities throughout the tri-state area for years and has become the trusted name in property management. We offer a wide variety of services for HOAs including administrative and maintenance assistance. Our goal is to help you manage your association by taking care of the administrative details, offering our expertise, and allowing your board of directors to focus on the larger issues facing your community.

HOA Property Management Administrative Assistance

Homeowner’s associations are made up of residents elected to serve in the interest of the community. Most elected board members are not property management experts. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have someone with experience on your side? EMS offers a wide variety of services specifically to help community associations operate more effectively and efficiently.

Every EMS client is assigned a dedicated Senior Certified Community Manager that will assist as a management partner. They will be able to lend their experience and help with operational aspects such as review management reports, help create and implement action lists, and even organize board meetings. They will be your direct contact for any property management issues.

We will also assign a community support staff that can perform administrative duties such as keeping communication with vendors and residents, issuing keys and passes, and answering phone calls and emails. To keep all residents up to date on community news, we can even build and manage a unique neighborhood website.

A Network of Experienced Professionals

Elite Management Services is the area’s leader in property management. To achieve that title, we have worked with thousands of area residents and businesses building up an immense network of experienced professionals.

For property maintenance, all communities are assigned maintenance coordinators that regularly monitor communities, address potential concerns, and issue work orders as needed using one of our trusted contractors; removing that burden from community directors. We can also report maintenance violations as well and help get them resolved.

Certified CPAs will handle all financial aspects of property management including billing and collections. We can even assist with reserve planning as well to ensure that you can always afford common area upkeep and community upgrades to keep your neighborhood looking its best.

Expert HOA Property Management

We are not looking for clients, we are looking for partners. We want to work with your HOA to help them manage your property more efficiently. It is our firm belief that teamwork is the most effective way to manage properties. To learn more about the Elite Difference in Lexington KY, contact us or call us at 859-309-8819. We look forward to building a relationship with you.

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