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Frankfort is the capital city of Kentucky or, as it is formally known, the “Commonwealth of Kentucky.” As such, it has a very rich history full of events and stories.

Most historians agree that the city received its name from an event that occurred in the 1780s. A group of American-European pioneers were attacked by Native Americans while making salt at a crossing in the Kentucky River. One of the pioneers, Stephen Frank, was killed by the Native Americans and the settlers began to refer to the crossing as “Frank’s Ford,” in memoriam of Stephen Frank. As time passed, the name was changed from “Frank’s Ford” to “Frankfort.”

One interesting fact is that on February 3, 1900, the governor, William Goebel, was assassinated. He had only been serving as governor for four days, and he was killed as he was walking to his inauguration. It was later found that the Secretary of State of Kentucky, Caleb Powers, was guilty of conspiring to murder Goebel.

In the 1960s, Frankfort grew considerably, and while it is by no means a massive city – especially when compared to Louisville, for example – there are an estimated twenty-eight thousand people living in the city, which is relatively large for a small city such as Frankfort.

If you plan on visiting Frankfort in the near future, here are a few places you should visit:

The Kentucky State Capitol

The Capitol building opened in 1910, and much like the White House, is built in an ornate architectural style that remains intriguing to this day. It is open for tours, and if you choose to go on one, you will learn a lot about the rich history of Kentucky.

Liberty Hall

Liberty Hall is a historic house that was built in 1796. In 1971, it was designated as an official U.S. National Historical Landmark. It was built by John Brown, who was a great factor in the creation of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Go here if you want to observe history.

Frankfort is a wonderful place full of history. If you have an interest in the history of Kentucky, or history in general, then go here and wander around!

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