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In the early 1800s, the land that became Shelbyville was occupied by members of the Miami Tribe, Native Americans who were born on that land. However, in 1818, the land was ceded to the United States, by the Miami Tribe. It was given the name “Shelbyville” after Isaac Shelby, who was the first Governor Of Kentucky, as well as the fifth, after having been a soldier in Lord Dunmore’s War, the Revolutionary War, and the War Of 1812. In 1850, the town was incorporated.

Shelbyville is home to quite a bit of history, and many places located in Shelbyville have been put on the National Register Of Historic Places. Places such as John Hamilton House, Porter Pool Bathhouse, and the Lora B. Pearson School. Each one of these places is very old and indicative of a time that has long passed.

One other interesting factoid is that, in 1969, when Allegheny Airlines Flight 853 crashed, eighty-two people were killed, and thirty of them were unidentified, so they were buried in a mass grave located in Shelbyville.

If you plan on visiting Shelbyville, here are some places you can check out and visit:

Shelby County Courthouse

The Shelby County Courthouse is a courthouse that was built in the late 1930s, and built in an old-fashioned Art Deco style. It’s a fun place to check out, and to get a glimpse into the architecture of that era.

Shelbyville Commercial Historic District

This district in Shelbyville consists of 149 buildings that were built between 1822 and the mid-1930s. There are a wide range of architectural styles on display, such as Art Deco, Classical Revival, and Italianate.

Shelbyville may not be the most exciting place, but it consists of many very old, but very beautiful buildings and if you are a student of architecture – or you just enjoy the subject and looking at interesting buildings – then you should visit Shelbyville and check out the different districts and buildings.

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