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Rushville is one of Indiana’s smallest cities. As of today, there are less than seven-thousand people living in Rushville. However, don’t mistake this as Rushville being a rather uninteresting or boring place. It isn’t. In fact, there’s quite a bit of history embedded into this small, little city.

Rushville is the county seat of Rush County – named after Benjamin Rush, who signed the Declaration Of Independence – and in 1940, it was the campaign headquarters for Wendell Willkie’s campaign against Franklin D. Roosevelt. Willkie wasn’t actually born in Rushville, he was born in Elwood, Indiana, but he had a strong attachment to Rushville.

While it is true that Willkie was competing with Roosevelt, he was, nonetheless, good friends with Roosevelt and they were, in many ways, allies. When Roosevelt won in 1940, it has been recorded that he said to his son, James, “I’m happy I’ve won, but I’m sorry Wendell lost.”

Rushville is home to many places registered as National Historic Landmarks. Places built in the 1800s that have since been open for tours.

If you plan on visiting Rushville, and you’d like to get a glimpse at the history of Rushville and the wide variety of places that it offers, here are two places you should check out:

Durbin Hotel

The Durbin Hotel is a hotel that was built in 1855. It’s a very old building, and while it may not come across as particularly fancy, if you choose to wander the hallways of the Durbin Hotel, you will be transported to a time that was very long ago, getting a glimpse of the architectural styles that permeated the era.

Rushville Commercial Historic District

Just like many of the small cities in Indiana, Rushville has its own district devoted to buildings of historical significance. Take a day and wander around the district, and you’ll see 54 buildings comprising a variety of architectural styles built between the years 1847 to 1950.

Rushville is a very small city, but one that houses a lot of history and a lot of beauty underneath its rusty facade. If you have any interest in seeing history up close, then visit Rushville and take a day or two to wander around and explore.

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