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Plotted in 1845, Morrow is a small village located in Salem Township, Ohio, that began when the railroad was extended to the area. It is named after the 9th governor of Ohio, Jeremiah Morrow. The town has had a post office operating there since 1845.

With a population of just over 1,000 and 455 homes and 298 families residing there, Morrow extends to a total area of 1.97 square miles. It is also within the Little Miami Local School District. A song about Morrow, called “To Morrow,” was first recorded in 1903 by Dan W. Quinn and later was played in the Muppet Show’s first season. Morrow has also been home to a few notable people, such as pioneer American jazz bandleader Earl Fuller and former FBI informant Mark Whitacre.

Single Family and Condo Association Management for the Morrow Area

Morrow is a great, peaceful place to live. Elite Management is experienced in working with homeowners associations in the Morrow area, and it is our mission to bring the best in management solutions. We will work with each community’s board of directors on their specific needs and goals. The services we provide include tracking of maintenance requests, violation regulations, administrative assistance, communication with board members and homeowners, and financial services management. We bring you experienced management professionals who are passionate about their work. Our state of the art technology allows us to offer the highest quality services and efficiency. We can offer services in HOA management, mixed-use association management, and commercial association management.

You can contact us today, by phone or email, and discuss how Elite Management can better your association. We can start working with you immediately on your community’s biggest needs and goals.

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Our HOA professionals are specifically educated for bringing the best to every association and homeowner we work with. Our main goal is to maintain the values of your homes and the satisfaction of your community.

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