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The first settler in the now-village of Amelia was Daniel Rathbone in 1813. Its first residents arrived at the village after their boat sunk and the Ohio waters were too shallow for transport. They stayed on the land because it reminded them of their home in Edgartown, Massachusetts. David Jernegan, one of the men who bought the land, started the first store in Amelia. The village gets its name from Amelia Bowdoin, a tollgate operator who was popular and well-known.

Amelia differs from other villages and towns in Clermont because it was never played out. The area had been known as Milton by the year 1833, but when the village applied for a post office, they found Milton was already a town in Ohio. It was then discovered that the town’s visitors actually thought the name of the town was Amelia, so that became the official name. Today, Amelia has a population of 4,801 and has regular events, including an annual Christmas parade.

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Elite Management knows that Amelia is a wonderful place to call home. We are dedicated to providing homeowners associations in the area with quality management solutions. We can assist with any administrative duties, homeowner relations, board of director meetings, maintenance tracking, financial management, and violation enforcement, or anything else your community needs. We strive for the highest quality education for our managers and the best service for our associations. We want you to feel comfortable with us so we can help you achieve your largest goals.

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Our services are specifically tailored to each homeowners association and residence we manage. Elite Management’s high attention to detail regarding your association is what makes us successful above and beyond our competitors. Contact us today by phone or email to discuss your needs and goals.

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