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In 1828, Hancock County was created. It was named after John Hancock, who was the first person to sign the Declaration Of Independence. One month later, Greenfield was chosen as the seat of the county, it was then given the name and title of “Greenfield.”

The early years of Greenfield were characterized by an abundance of grist mills – mills for grinding corn and wheat. During this time, Greenfield experienced growth that was steady, but minimal. However, in 1887, natural gas was found in the area, leading to a rapid spurt of growth that lead to the creation of numerous manufacturing plants.

Since then, the population has remained fairly steady. It is estimated that there are nearly twenty-two thousand people living in Greenfield. Several large corporations have facilities in Greenfield, including Covance, a pharmaceutical corporation, and Avery & Dennison, which manufactures adhesive labels and adhesive backed films.

If you plan on visiting Greenfield in the near future, here are some fun things to check out:

Riley Park

Riley Park is Greenfield’s most famous public park, and as such, the city takes very good care of it. It’s a great place to bring your family. You can have a picnic or barbecue, and your kids can play on the playground. Not only that, there is also a basketball court and a tennis court, as well as a small creek for you to fish in.

Riley Home Museum

The name “Riley” has a lot of significance in Greenfield because the poet and author James Whitcomb Riley was born and raised in Greenfield. His most famous work is “Little Orphan Annie,” and the Riley Home Museum showcases the home that Riley grew up in, as well as giving you a peek as to what life was like during the mid-1800s.

Greenfield is a peaceful little city that has a rich history, if you choose to dive into it. Like much of Indiana, there is a lot of beauty and a lot of nature that is easy to find. It’s small, but peaceful and quiet. If you want to take a little vacation, then this might be the place!

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