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Columbus is a relatively small city with a population of what is estimated to be 46,850 residents. The land Columbus sits on was purchased in 1820 by General John Tipton and Luke Bonesteel. Much of the land was flat, and there were large swathes of forest and swamp. Before it was named Columbus, it was known as “Tiptonia,” in honor of General John Tipton. However, less than a year later, it was changed to “Columbus,” most likely to honor Christopher Columbus. When the name was changed, Tipton left.

Indiana’s first railroad was constructed in Madison, and it went from Madison to Columbus. This railroad helped create a large community of people in Indiana, giving way to further population growth in Columbus. By 1850, three more railroads were constructed that lead to Columbus.

While Columbus may not seem like it, for a time it was considered a “Mecca of architecture” within the United States. This is because of the Cummins Foundation, who heavily supported the city, helping it to become far more populated than expected. Today, many of the buildings as registered as National Historic Places, and the region is now known as “Athens On The Prairie.”

If you’re in Columbus, here are three cool places to check out:

First Baptist Church

The First Baptist Church was one of Columbus’s first congregations, and it was designed by renowned architect Harry Weese, who played a huge role in the rise of modernism in 20th century architecture. It’s a fascinating building that houses a vast amount of history.

Columbus City Hall

Columbus City Hall is a very old building – built in 1895 – designed by Charles Franklin Sparrell, who has also designed many of Columbus’s most famous and most valued buildings. If you choose to get a tour, you’ll learn all about the rich cultural history of Columbus, and a lot about architecture.

Mill Race Park

Mill Race Park is a thirty-two-acre park located in the middle of the city. You can visit the Flat Rock and Driftwood rivers while wandering the park, and it’s truly a beautiful place to take a stroll.

Columbus is a beautiful city with an immense amount of architectural beauty and cultural history. There is much to see here if you are fascinated by architecture and history, in general.

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