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The tri-state area is the fastest growing economic area in the Midwest. The people of Cincinnati are making more money, more people are moving to Ohio, and the area is growing rapidly. With this all of this new growth, it is important to ensure that home values continue to grow with the area. HOAs are becoming more popular with communities to keep property investments safe.

People are busy. There is never enough time in the day to fit work, family, chores, and the ever-needed relaxation time. Participating on the board of directors of a homeowner’s association is just one more thing to add into your busy schedule. Make sure your HOA can stay focused on making your community a better place to live, and spend less time working on details. Elite Management Services offers a variety of services including administrative assistance, accounting and collections, maintenance and violations, board education, reserve planning, and legal assistance so you can focus on the bigger issues.

Professional HOA Property Management

When you work with EMS, we assign your community a Senior Certified Community Manager, a Maintenance Coordinator, and a community support staff. These contacts will be your go-to for all HOA concerns including administrative/organizational issues and maintenance. By assigning a specific team to each client, we can build an intimate relationship and learn the unique needs of each community that we work with.

Property maintenance is an essential part of an HOAs responsibilities. Maintaining common areas, parking lots, pools, and signage is a big job. It can be time-consuming to research qualified contractors in the area and price out different options. EMS has been in the community association management industry for years and has built up an extensive network of qualified professionals that can handle any maintenance task. To save you time and energy, your assigned maintenance coordinator will regularly monitor properties, address any potential problems, and issue work orders as needed. If any repair issues should arise, one call to the maintenance coordinator will be the only call you have to make.

We can even help you craft and deliver violation letters to homeowners; another time-consuming task that pulls you away from working on big-picture community goals. Our legal team can go over your association bylaws to ensure that any infractions are within HOA rights to enforce leaving no question of legality.

HOA Property Management Services in Cincinnati, OH

At Elite Management Services, we believe that teamwork is the most efficient way to manage properties. With a dedicated support team at your side to take care of all the details, your homeowner’s association board of directors can spend their time focused on the larger issues facing your community. Our offices are headquartered in Beavercreek, OH, less than an hour away from Cincinnati. We are familiar with the area and with the unique needs of local communities. Find out why thousands place their trust in Elite Management; give us a call today at 513-401-7850 or contact us online.

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