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Elite Management provides assocaition management solutions to homeowners and condominium associations in Vandalia through our Dayton, OH office.

Vandalia was founded in 1838 when Benjamin Wilhelm settled in the area between Routes 40 and 25-A and opened a small general store. The village was incorporated ten years later, and became a charter city in 1960. Historians are unable to come to an agreement on how the name of the city came to be, but one of the two most popular theories is Wilhelm named the town after his original destination of Vandalia, Illinois. The second theory is the National Road’s intent to extend to Vandalia, Illinois came into doubt, and the city was named as such so a Vandalia would indeed exist along the Road.

The 2010 census declared Vandalia home to 15,246 residents and Dayton International Airport. The city brings the community together by hosting popular events such as an annual Oktoberfest, the Air Show and Parade, Tate of Vandalia, and the Vandalia Corporate Challenge. The community paper, the Vandalia Drummer is printed weekly to keep residents up to date with area news and events.

We specialize in HOA and Condominium Management

We believe Vandalia is a fantastic place to live and want to ensure it remains so by offering full service management solutions to the boards of directors of area community associations. These services include violation enforcement, maintenance tracking, administrative duties, financial management, and written correspondence to homeowners. Our services are backed by state of the art technology and a team of association management professionals dedicated to providing the best service possible to each individual client we work with.

For more information on how Elite can partner with your community association to better your community, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We look forward to speaking to board members about their vision and goals for the neighborhood they call home.

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