hoa maintenance checklist

The Importance of Having an HOA Maintenance Checklist

As communities age, it is important for them to be maintained properly. The communities that do not invest in this end up deteriorating much faster, which can subsequently cause property values to decrease exponentially. It is important for communities, regardless of their size, to have a maintenance strategy in place to make sure they have the required budget to properly maintain the community both in the short and long-term.

A checklist will go a long way. It keeps the percentage of possible mistakes minimal. When trying to decide the proper HOA Maintenance Checklist for your community, it is important to review the information discussed below: 


Key Components of a Successful HOA Maintenance Checklist

Regardless of your community’s size or age, an ideal HOA Maintenance Checklist should have the following elements:


Building Inspections

It is wise to look at the foundations of buildings and their exteriors to see if there are repairs that need to be made. 



Landscaping should look clean and polished. This improves the community’s overall look. Landscaping is something that should be uniform and replanting or cropping trees and bushes is important to eliminate safety risks in the community as well. 


Exterior Vents

Exterior vents, at times, need to be replaced. There should be a periodic inspection of the vents to see what needs to be repaired. 



At times, windows can crack and need to be replaced. Having a routine inspection of windows is important to conduct to ensure all repairs are made promptly. 


Wood Decks

Wood decks can have mold or termites. It is important to have wood decks inspected to see if they need small repairs or need to be replaced entirely. 


Repair Fences

Fences, depending on what material they are made of, need to be replaced. To improve your community’s security, it is important to be sure fences are maintained at all times so that the front gate is the only entrance where individuals can enter the community. 


Cleaning the Pool Area

If your community has a pool area, then it is important to keep the pool clean and to have a safe walkway near the pool. Repairing tiles that may have broken or handlebars to step into the pool make the pool area something residents can easily enjoy. 


Roofs & Gutters

Roofs and gutters need to be maintained on a regular basis as well. Hiring a company to inspect them after Winter each year is wise to make the required repairs to ensure the roof’s longevity and that the gutters are not clogged. 


Elite Management Services Can Help You With HOA Maintenance

EMS has extensive experience managing HOA’s located all over the United States. One of our strengths is integrating a custom HOA Maintenance Checklist to each community that we manage to be sure that it is properly maintained and that its property values only continue to increase. If you want to learn how we can positively impact your community’s HOA Association Management, give us a call at (855) 238-8488 or contact us online.