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4 HOA Board Member Roles Explained


Whether you’re simply curious about what the homeowner association board members actually do or you’re considering volunteering for your own association, it’s important to know how each of those role functions within the association.

Typically, there are four board member positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each of these members of the board are volunteers who are elected into office by members of the community. Each play an integral role within the association.

HOA Board of Director Roles and Responsibilities

There are various roles and responsibilities of the HOA board of directors, some of which overlap from member to member. Moreover, certain responsibilities can be delegated to other board members or committees. In some cases, an association can be managed by a professional third-party. A homeowners association management company would then assume much of the management functions of an HOA board of directors.

The essential purpose of any HOA board of directors, whether conducted internally or by outside professionals, is to manage the association through each member’s respective duties, which are outlined below.


The HOA President is responsible for overseeing the majority of the decision-making process. Essentially, the final say comes down to the President. However, it’s not all glam and glory for the President, as they need to be qualified to make those decisions. That means a working and in-depth knowledge of the regulations, bylaws, and operations of the association. The President is also able to delegate in the form of committees to handle certain obligations. Finally, he or she conducts all meetings, whether they be community or association. In these meetings, the President acts as a foreman – they call the meeting to order, discusses the agenda, allows for others to speak during the meeting, asks for votes, and more.

To be an HOA President, one must be familiar with the inner workings of the association and have excellent public speaking skills. It is their duty to ensure the HOA functions at its full capacity.

Vice President

For all intents and purposes, the Vice-President has the same responsibilities and functions as the President. This is because their primary duty is to assume the role of the President when the President is unable to do so themselves. This could be instances where the President is sick, out of town, or otherwise unable to complete their regular duties. When not filling-in, however, they still may be delegated duties from the president. The vice-president must be equally informed about the regulations and bylaws of the association in order to assist members of the community with any inquiries. This knowledge helps them keep the business aspect of the association running smoothly.


The Secretary is an integral part of the HOA board. Their responsibility is to handle all of the documentation and record keeping within the association. Since they are responsible for all official documentation, part of their function is to comply with all legal requirements placed upon the HOA, which includes submitting any forms before deadlines. The other part of their job is to give proper notice of all meetings, record all meeting minutes, and distribute all essential documentation to the other board members. Another key function of the role of Secretary is to review all official documents in an effort to ensure a continually updated record.


The HOA Treasurer is responsible for the entirety of association funds and the disbursement of those funds. Their primary duty is to keep a detailed record of current funds and all transactions sanctioned by the association. This includes billing, operational costs, and the collection and allocation of funds. They are also in charge of creating the annual budget and ensuring there are enough in the reserves for any unplanned expenses, as well as making any approved investments. The Treasurer is required to keep the other board members informed of the association’s financial status and any discrepancies within the records. They also must comply with all laws and regulations that dictate proper financial operations of the HOA. Due to the complexity of association accounting, board members will often turn over these responsibilities to a reputable finance management company, such as Elite Management Services.

To become a board Treasurer, organizational skills is once again a key trait. Being good with numbers and finances is another good quality to have, as is accurate record keeping.

Community Manager

While the community manager is not a member of the board of directors themselves, they do work closely with the board to support the community. The community manager is an employee of a management company such as Elite Management Services. Their job is to liaison between the board and the management company, making sure their decisions are carried out effectively. They also often manage things like violations enforcement, collections, and maintenance around the community and train the board in their roles. Because they work so closely with the board, it is important a manager is able to maintain a good working relationship with the directors. If your community manager fails at this task, it may be worth talking to the company you work with or consider hiring someone new. If that’s the case, consider reaching out to EMS for a proposal.

HOA Board Elections

These four officials make up the board members of the homeowners association. Together, they handle all of the various functions of the association. The members of the HOA board are not hired, nor do they receive any monetary compensation. They are elected volunteers, put into these positions by the members of the community. Board elections are usually held on an annual basis to continuously bring in new leadership.

It’s important for members of the community to participate in HOA meetings and elections. The purpose of the association is to serve the members of the community, which means the community members are as equally important to the HOA as are the elected officials. If you’re interested in volunteering for your homeowners association board of officials, keep an eye out for your annual board elections.

A homeowners association handles multiple aspects of community living, which presents a sense of comfort to community members. A competent association is one where board members and Community Managers work together to provide a wonderful place to live, as well as continuously bring in new ideas through annual elections. Combined with a community that’s informed about their association and how it operates, the entire system operates like a well-oiled machine.

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