hoa accounting

HOA accounting can be quite stressful for community managers to navigate. The reason for this is that many different costs and expenses go through communities daily. HOAs are required to file taxes, which is why it is important to keep the community’s expenses organized from the beginning to avoid issues with taxation. When trying to figure out how to organize your community’s finances, review the information below:


How HOA Accounting Standards Are Beneficial to Communities

Accounting Standards can be a great help to communities. Many communities have decided to have an annual HOA Audit to be sure that the finances of their associations are being managed accurately. When designing your community’s Accounting Standards, be sure to integrate the following practices:


1. Balance Sheet

balance sheetThe Balance Sheet is an HOA financial report that shows an HOAs financial condition. It is a comparison of the assets minus the liabilities, which will show the overall net worth of the association. Having this information is essential to show the overall financial health of the HOA and what capital is available for the required expenses of managing the association.


2. General Ledger

General Ledger possesses the accounting record for each transaction in the order that it occurred. This makes it easier to track each financial transaction that occurs in the association’s expenses.


3. Statement of Income & Expense

The Statement of Income & Expense is the most important management tool because it contains the precise amount spent each month compared with the amount budgeted for that month. This statement also shows the difference between the two amounts, which helps managers to see which expenses need modifying.


4. Accounts Payable Report

The Accounts Payable Report shows unpaid expenses and demonstrates the association of expenditure obligations that were incurred in the current month. The report also shows which members have not paid their dues.


5. Cash Disbursements Ledger

The Cash Disbursements Ledger informs board members of the different checks that have been written. Usually, the ledger will contain who the check was written to, the amount, check number, and date it was written.

Well-Managed finance can lead to a prosperous community. Having standards for everything, not only homeowners association accounting, is a crucial factor in an HOA’s success.