HOA Property Management in Southport

Elite Management Services administers property management resolutions to homeowner and condominium associations throughout the midwest. Southport, Indiana is just one of many offices where you can receive excellent service from EMS. With 1800 plus people, 700 households, and 500 families, Southport sits on the southern edge of Indianapolis in Marion County and is known for being the little brother of Indianapolis. The name “Southport” literally comes from the town being south of Indianapolis and serving as a port city for goods in and out of Indy.  Southport was established in 1832 and fought to remain a separate city in 1969 when there was a push to streamline Marion county governments. Even though Southport is a small city, it has a big city charm with a plethora of shopping and dining options available in and surrounding the Greenwood park mall.

Southport Property Management Services

Elite Management Services provides elite management services and ensures are property managers run community associations with top-notch professionalism and expertise.  With a team of maintenance coordinators, community supporters, and a personal Senior Certified Community Manager, we work with our clients to make sure their community is operating to the best of its abilities. 

Need HOA Management for your Community?

Elite Management has the expertise and staff to make your community thrive. Find out how Elite can make a difference in managing your community today by contacting us online, or by phone at (855) 238-8488.