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Greenwood is located in Johnson County. It’s a city with what is estimated to be around 57,000 people, located between Indiana State Road 37 and Interstate 65.

Before we came to America, the land was occupied by the Lenape, a tribe of Native Americans. In the early 1800s, European-Americans colonized much of the land and it became a settlement that grew to be quite prosperous. This prosperity came from the J.T. Polk Canning Company. It became the biggest employer in Greenwood, and canned a variety of the vegetables grown in Greenwood. In later years, it expanded into the dairy market, and delivered canned milk to people all around Greenwood. The J.T. Polk Canning Company remained in business until the 1950s, but you can still see portions of the cannery on Main Street, where they have been turned into office space.

Greenwood is a very desirable location to families who wish to live in the Central Indiana Region. For that reason, it has seen quite a bit of steady growth over the years, and this growth is likely to continue for some time.

If you plan on visiting Greenwood anytime soon, then here are a few places you should check out:

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is the largest park in Greenwood, and it consists of numerous soccer and football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, hiking and walking trails, a hill for sledding, a playground, and the Freedom Springs Aquatic Center, which is a water park.

Craig Park

Greenwood is known for having many beautiful parks, and Craig Park is no exception to this. Craig Park sits on 27 acres of land, and it houses Little League, tennis, and volleyball courts, as well as several playgrounds and many places for picnicking. A great place to take the kids!

Greenwood is a nice area that is home to many businesses – big and small – and a huge variety of beautiful parks. It’s close to nature, and if you plan on living in the Central Indiana Region, you should check it out due to the opportunities found in Greenwood.

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