If you want to protect your community from being exposed to risks and liabilities, you should consider getting insurance services. Elite Management Services will provide HOA insurance services for your HOA’s essential matters.

There’s a variety of services we can offer including:

  • Commercial General Liability – It’s recommended that every association should have this insurance service. Elite Management Services will protect your HOA from the most common claims. It covers expenses from bodily injuries, personal injuries, property damages, and advertising injuries.
  • Directors & Officers (D&O) – Directors and officers are vital to any association. The D&O policy protects HOA and its directors along with committee members, staff, volunteers, and board member spouses from claims for mismanagement and other lawsuits that were caused by actions on behalf of the association. Coverage is provided for requests made against the association throughout the policy period.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – We know that associations have commonly owned commercial property. Like any valuable property, it’s important that it’s insured for its entire replacement cost. Elite Management Services also offers a separate, higher deductible for wind/hail. A wind/hail deductible buy-down may also be available depending on the property insurance you have.
  • Fidelity/Crime – We take away your worries regarding crimes and fidelity issues. This insurance coverage protects the association against monetary theft within the HOA. This includes everyone from directors to volunteers. 
  • Non-owned Auto – Similar to auto insurance, this insurance service protects the HOA in the event someone who is driving on the association business is involved in an accident and doesn’t have enough coverage to pay for all the damages.
  • Workers’ Compensation – We know that every HOA values its employees. So, EMS offers to pay workers’ compensation benefits to employees of uninsured vendors injured while working for the association.
  • Umbrella or Excess Liability – This policy provides an additional limit of insurance for liability claims. However, basic plans won’t be enough. You need to have adequate property insurance to take advantage of this policy.


Need HOA Insurance Services?

If you don’t want to stress yourself from possible liabilities, give us a call at (855) 238-8488 or contact us online to learn how we can help you get the most out of HOA insurance services.