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Dayton Condominium Association Management

Condos have more common space to maintain and more residents to satisfy compared to a residential neighborhood. Because of that, condominium associations have a much larger task keeping up with management duties. With property values on the rise in Dayton, condominium associations are more important than ever.

The board of directors for a condo association is made up of elected building residents, not experts in the property management industry. Staying organized and performing regular administrative and maintenance tasks can bog down the efficiency of the group and cause them to be less effective. The team at Elite Management Services are experts in property management. We offer assistance to community associations to help them become more efficient and take care of the minor details so that they can focus on reaching community goals.

Condo Association Administrative Assistance

Every community that works with EMS is assigned a dedicated team of experts to build a strong relationship and to learn the unique needs of the building. A Senior Certified Community Manager will assist as a management partner. They can help your board of directors review management reports, create action lists, and even help with board meetings.

Along with the community manager, EMS offers a community support staff to assist with administrative duties such as issuing keys, passes, and parking programs, along with communicating with condo owners. We can even build a unique community website for residents to have constant access to updated information and a simple, hassle-free way to pay association dues.

To help board members become more knowledgeable with the ins and outs of association management, EMS offers property management training courses to inform managers about the responsibilities of the management company, condo association basic info, updates on property legislation, board obligations, and financial management. We are not interested in keeping management secrets all to ourselves. We want you to be able to make educated decisions for yourself and your community. Our goal is your success.

Network of Experienced Professionals

Condominiums contain more common area as compared to single-family housing neighborhoods. Major utility systems such as HVAC, heating, and plumbing along with interior areas such as lobbies, elevators, and hallways would all be considered shared space and would fall under condo association management. Over many years of working with Dayton and other tri-state residents, EMS has built up an extensive network of professionals from electricians and plumbers to floor cleaners and pressure washers to handle any maintenance need.

Maintenance coordinators will be assigned to your property. These trained professionals will monitor your building, address potential problems, and issue work orders as needed. The best way to save money on repair costs, is to be proactive and find issues before they can become larger, more expensive problems in the future. By using our network of contractors, it also will save your community association time and energy researching contractors in your area so they can stay focused on reaching community goals.

Expert Condo Association Management

It is our strong belief that teamwork is the most effective way to manage properties. Through open communication and transparent management practices, our dedicated team of experts will not just work with you, but build a trusting relationship and get to know your community. Learn how Elite Management Services can help your condo association become more effective within your community. Contact us or call 937-262-7645 to speak to a knowledgeable representative today.

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