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    Closing FAQs

    What Are Certification And Transfer Fees?

    A Certification Fee is a fee that sets forth the amount of unpaid assessments and other charges against a lot.

    A Transfer Fee is a fee that ensures that all of your HOA data is updated to the correct information.

    How Can I Get A Condo Questionaire Completed?

    To receive a completed Condo Questionnaire, you can provide the questionnaire to Depending on how many pages the questionnaire is, there will be a fee between $195-295. Once the Closings Department receives your questionnaire, they will send you a link to pay for the request. Once payment is received, they will then have 3-5 business days to complete and return back. If you request for a RUSH there will be a fee of $100.00 and then will be received within 3 business days.