Adult Active Communities

As today’s seniors are becoming more physically fit and active than in year’s passed, adult active communities are more popular than ever. These communities can be great opportunities for experiencing recreation, fitness, entertainment, and wellness actives and facilities that fit with an active lifestyle. Elite Management Services understands the specialized needs of the modern adult active community and its residents.

Our goal is to bring the best managers and teams to adult active associations throughout Ohio. Our staff is chosen for their passion and special experience in dedicating their work to the service of residents aged 55 and older. They exude friendly and attentive personalized service to each property we manage. We maximize property values by tailoring what we offer to your community’s needs and bring the best, most rewarding experience to the lives of your residents.

With Elite Management, your residents will enjoy a wide range of services, including lifestyle programs and events tailored to their tastes. We also handle the management of personal assistance and wellness amenities, including special offerings like regular home checks and neighbor assistance programs.

Our adult active community management services also include the following offerings:

  • Fitness, wellness, and health programs
  • Experienced team of active adult community managers
  • Educational seminars
  • Organizations and clubs for special interest groups
  • Event and activity planners
  • Management training for board members
  • Services through our lifestyle and activity managers
  • Facility program management
  • Advocacy programs for residents
  • Full-service accounting and financial planning, including preparation of budget
  • Other value-added programs tailored to your community

The best in senior living starts with examining the needs of those living in and leading the community. Our methods ensure you are getting the best value in all aspects of our services for your community’s needs. The satisfaction and happiness of each community is what we strive to produce.

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